Sunday, November 30, 2014

What Do You Do?

What do you do when you hear the news that your friend's kid sister, whom you've known nearly all you life, has been stricken with chronic illness; that she will probably live with extreme medical intervention for the rest of her life; that she is depressed and fearful?  Do you pray and hope for the best?  Do you add to the litany of well-meant advice? Do you try to gloss over it and put it out of your mind because there is so much sadness in your world already? 

Or do you finally decide that maybe your children are right.  Those pesky adult children, who have been after you for years to author your own blog, featuring all the snippets about how to be healthy, wealthy, and wise that you have tried to teach them all their lives.  Those humble children who are starting their own lives apart from you, yet, remarkably, have returned to you again and again for knowledge and reinforcement.  Those compassionate children who want to share with the those around them - their friends, their business associates, their newly added loved ones - what they have apparently learned from you (even though you didn't think they were listening, or were sometimes even dragged into knowledge by their heels, kicking and fighting). 

Even though you feel you have nothing to say that half-a-dozen bloggers you read couldn't and haven't said far more clearly and eloquently, maybe they're right.  Even though you have challenges with your own health because you sometimes lack the motivation to follow your own advice, maybe you still can make a difference in the lives of others as you learn together and encourage one another.  Maybe being in print and available to the general public somehow makes the information they are trying to pass on more legitimate - sort of an online family reference source, if you will.  Maybe there just need to be more voices speaking in agreement to make common-sense healthy living more mainstream. Maybe the Lord has blessed you with this ministry and has been waiting patiently for you accept the challenge.  Maybe you can make a difference after all.

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