Friday, April 3, 2015

The Truth About Cancer

I've just stumbled upon what may prove a very useful source of information, and I thought I would share it while it is available.  There is a documentary mini-series being released this week by a man named Ty Bollinger, titled The Quest for The Cures...Continues.  Many of the nation's top doctors and researchers, as well as many survivors are interviewed concerning their unconventional views on treating cancer using 100% natural therapies.  

After losing 7 immediate family members, including his father and mother, Mr. Bollinger began a quest to secure information on both treating and preventing cancer.  

The 11-part series will be broadcast online (for free) from March 30th - April 9thClick here to watch the trailer and for access to the FREE docu-series.  It was very easy to sign up.  After April 9th, I am assuming, though I don't know, that it will not be available for free and must be purchased.  

I have only found this information this afternoon, and haven't yet viewed the first episode, but having lost my Dad to conventional cancer therapies several years ago, I have had an active interest in alternative methods of preventing and treating cancer for some time.  I'm eager to see what is presented here.  

If you like what you see, please share the information and links.  

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